Things you need to know before importing

If you are a new importer, there are certain things you need to know before importing. The information below can save you time and can minimize your costly mistakes.

Before importing, you need to know what sort of restrictions, licenses, permits or quarantine issues that are associated with your products. Below is a list of links to various Australian Government websites. These websites contain extensive information on importing and exporting.

For your covenience, we have linked to  the relevent sections of these websites.

Australian Customs

For duties, prohibited and restricted on imports, please go to to find out what you will need prior to import.

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

For quarantine and inspection including fumigation, please go to 

Department of Infrastructure and Transport

For importing products that contain engines and may be used on Australian roads, you will require licenses and permits. Please go to to find out what you will need prior to import.

Standards Australia

For importing commodities that will be used by the general public or children, there are standards that your commodities will have to meet. Please visit for further information and product requirements.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand

For importing goods that will be consumed by the Australian public, you will need to ensure that those products meet Australian food standards. They may require permits/licences as well. Please visit for further information.

Wine Australia

For importing wine, there are certain restrictions that you may have to follow. Please visit for further information.